How To Clean Your Car

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So, we are often asked the best way to clean a car, general good things to do and things to avoid, or what order to clean the car. Hopefully for some people keen to spruce up their vehicle but looking for some tips, this will help.

Read below to see what you need to consider, when thinking about how to clean your car.

Where you park is important – products will warn you if they shouldn’t be used in direct sunlight, but even with just water direct sunlight can cause streaks to appear quicker than you can dry the car or leather it!!

Use at least two buckets – one with fresh water and one with your car shampoo, and always have plenty of fresh sponges, clothes and everything you need within reach

Be aware of any local restrictions – if there are hosepipe bans in your area you need to obey, or also be aware that you need to be careful when washing chemicals down a drain

Check doors and bonnet are closed!! – sounds easy but it happens – the last thing you want to do is give yourself more work having to clean a wet soapy interior!

Remove the worst of it slowly and carefully – hose if you can, or rinse off the worst stuff. If you use a sponge by careful not to rub dirt around because this will scratch the car

Wash the car but do not rub – even when using the car shampoo, do not rub and make sure you rinse the sponge. Go slow and watch what you are doing, you don’t want to collect a stone on your sponge or cloth and rub it around blindly

Panel by panel works well, top to bottom – work from top to bottom but leave the very bottom of the car until last. To make sure you know where you are start with the roof and walk around in one direction going panel by panel.

Rinse – rinse regularly and make sure you don’t miss a spot! Do not allow soapy water to dry as this will leave streaks

Do the bottom and wheels last – you may need to get fresh water, but leave the very bottom and the wheels until last as this is where the worse dirt and grime will be. If you have good alloys treat them to some decent car products and be gentle with them

Rinse again and dry – Once done, rinse over again with fresh clean water and then dry using a good quality chamois cloth or synthetic leather. Turn / rinse regularly

Not done yet – for a professional touch you still need to do the glass inside and out, the seats, the interior, and even the boot or engine bay. You may also want to polish the car and dress the types, or chrome polish bumpers / black up trim!! It never ends, and these are topics for another post.

This is why garages and dealerships let Grove Autocare do all the hard work. We take our time and we use the best products for the very best results!